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IS THAT WHAT IT SAYS ON WIKAPEDIA?  IT DOES NOW BUDDY.  IT DOES NOW :)  TIM COHEN TRUE or FALSE INTERVIEW.  Tim is a musican in alot of bands.  so many bands. he even used to be a rapper or something. 

1.you  got caught trying to puke on a police car and went to jail for a few hours and you had a once of weed in your backpack that the police never searched or took away from you.
Yeah I was going in for a photo op trying to puke on a cop car In the parking lot and I was close to doing it, I was drunk on white wine Carlos Rossi, and was trying to get my friend Stromberg to take the shot, and I got caught. Apparently I was trespassing. I had an oz of weed, weighed out in 8ths in my backpack, this fact eluded me until the harsh reality of being led
Into a cell set in.

2.so you where chillin in the cell with a backpack full of weed

3.you made a few friends during your time in the joint
actually just this one Mexican snitch who was in the cell being admonished by his PO or
Whatever for not
Delivering information quick enough. I wouldn't say we made friends, he was just trying to act like he was down so when I saw him in the street later that night he tried to act like he wasn't a snitch but I knew he a snitch

4.weed is a good form of contreception

5.wymond brought a rat back from life once
something like that, or the rat woke up from being dead just to run off and die In peace so he wouldn't have to listen to some dude casting spells on him. Even rats know they're not worth saving.

6.bob marley legend
that shit go. Anyone who says they don't like it is a liar

7.a bed can be made out of anything
false, you can't sleep on my rap skills 

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